P3500 Crewneck


P3500 Crewneck
Price – 65$
Heavy Blend Crewneck
50% Cotton / 50% Polyester Detailed Chenille Patch
(Pins Included With Purchase Of Crewneck)

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    SoYou Clothing is proud to introduce the “P3500 Crewneck”

    But more importantly an idea and a canvas for true expression of individual creativity.Inspiration is difficult to find in a world where the chosen route is paved in stone and a product of societal pressure. The blank square truck has been a source of creativity for corporate business folk and daring street artist alike since its adaptation in the 1920’s, bringing milk to your doorstep, a local food truck or your spray paint showcase to the streets of the city.
    SoYou Clothing wants to bring that spirit to you with this cozy Fall piece!